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See your Steward to get a copy of your contract!

Negotiations will be starting sooner than you think......


Start thinking about your ideas for proposals!!!




Grievance Update:

  • Enchanted Tales with Belle Attendants will now receive a premium and be made whole from the time the grievance was filed.
  • Kristen Hicks was returned to work
  • David Lehman was reinstated
  • Karen Kolnick won her grievance
  • Nicholas McCartney's grievance was resolved



What to expect from the grievance process...

Although, there are contractual time limits specified in the is dependant upon what has already been scheduled; including Contarct Negotiation schedule. A termination grievance is usually scheduled within 6 weeks. Why does it take that long??? Because other grievances have already been scheduled a month in advance.Non termination grievances can take much longer to be scheduled, as terminations take precedence over other issues, they continue to push back other grievances.When filing a is up to you (the grievant) to provide supporting documentation to the steward.



Service Trades Council Members can join a 401k Plan

To join the plan you must pick up your "Learning Guide" from the Union Hall