• Advantages of Being Union

    Advantage of Being Union

    What have unions ever done for working people like us? Plenty. Much of what we have today—things we take for granted—is the result of working men and women joining together in unions like the Teamsters to make America even more a land of opportunity.

    Here are just a few of the things working people like us, joining together in unions, have won:

    • The 40-hour week;
    • The eight-hour day;
    • Overtime pay after 8 hours a day and/or a 40-hour work week;
    • Paid vacations and holidays;
    • Health plans;
    • Pensions;
    • Protection from unfair firings;
    • Safety and health protections on the job;
    • Fairness in promotions and job assignments;
    • Sick leave;
    • Higher wages for union members, and
    • Seniority rights.

    Other Labor Facts:

    • Among full-time wage and salary workers, union workers earn 28% more than nonunion workers. That's an average of $10,348 more per year.
    • Union workers receive 159% more in health insurance and 248% more in retirement benefits.
    • Union workers earn $11.04 more an hour in total compensation.
    • Union women earn 33% more than nonunion women.
    • African Americans who belong to a union earn 29% more.
    • Hispanics who belong to a union earn 54% more.

    (Source: 2011 Current Population Survey (CPS), U.S. Government Bureau of Labor Statistics)

    Then there’s the benefits you can’t put a price on—dignity, respect, a real say in what happens on the job, more opportunity for our families.

    Unions have made a big difference and do make a big difference. With downsizing and mergers, changes in the economy and rising inequalities, working people like us need to join together now more than ever.

    Nobody ever gave Teamster members anything. We earned it. We fought for it. Moving forward, the Teamsters and other unions will always fight to win respect and a fair contract for their members.

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